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Hurray! I have a new personal website!

I needed a new platform to talk about my work and experience, to showcase my skills and write about tech. The site went recently from just a landing page to a dynamic website. It is running on Perch content management system.

Why Perch?

I needed something that is easy to install and set up. I wanted to have the flexibility in creating content regions. A blog functionality was also an advantage.

I also didn’t want to use WordPress because I wanted to take the opportunity to explore and try out different technologies. To me, a personal site is not only about marketing myself but also a space to challenge myself and learn something new.

Moreover, Perch was developed here in Bristol, by Drew McLellan and Rachel Andrew. She is a very inspiring woman who I admire for the work she’s doing in the front-end development field. Her work on CSS grid motivated me to use here the new CSS layouts instead of traditional floats.


There are a few free stock photographs on my website. Eventually, I would like to replace them with my own, but I think they suit the site at the moment.

I would like to credit the authors of images from Unsplash I’ve used on my site:

Web analytics

At the moment I am not using any web analytics tool to track user behaviour on my website.


If you spot any errors or bugs on this site, or if you would like to leave your feedback, send me an email.